Fishing at Bayview Lodge

A Canada fishing trip to Bayview Lodge will provide you with a variety of fishing including Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Crappie and above all, Muskie. Our lakes and rivers fishery located thirty miles north of Lake Of The Woods offers you a unique combination of fishing venues and fish types. Our location is relatively unknown and has not experienced undue fishing pressure. The fishing is spectacular.

Bayview Lodge Minaki is located in the centre of the five lakes that make up our fishery which we simply call the Winnipeg River Fishery. The Winnipeg River flows into Manitoba from Lake of the Woods at Kenora Ontario located thirty miles to the south.

Lake & River Fishing

The Winnipeg Lakes & River is a lesser known fishery that consists of five lakes and three rivers of the Winnipeg River System that is forty-five miles in length. The lakes include Big Sand Lake, Little Sand Lake, Rough Rock Lake, Pistol Lake and Gunn Lake. The rivers include McFarlene River, Black Sturgeon River and the Winnipeg River. The combination of these lakes and rivers provide unequaled fishing experiences. The Winnipeg Lakes and River Fishery is found between the Norman Dam at the Lake Of The Woods headwaters of the Winnipeg River and the Whitedog Dam located a further 45 miles to the north of Minaki.

Unlike very large lakes, our fishery is protected by islands and bays. While guides are available, you do not need one. Maps are available at the lodge. The main waters of our lakes move slowly because the rivers drive their waters through the lakes from one end to the other. Moving waters create many spawning grounds, making our fishery very productive. As the waters of our fishery flow from Lake Of The Woods, the genealogy of our fish include the genes of the larger fish that those larger waters have created over thousands of years. However, because the Lake Of The Woods fishery is so famous, it experiences a lot of fishing pressure. In comparison, our fishery does not. Come to our lessor known but hugely exciting and abundant fishery for your next Canada fishing trip to experience a quality of fishing and trophy opportunities that most other fisheries wish they had but do not.