FAQ: How To Catch The Biggest Fish In Ocarina Of Time?

FAQ: How To Catch The Biggest Fish In Ocarina Of Time?

How do you get the 20 pound fish in Zelda?

Go up as far as you can towards the fish (about up to the tip of Link’s hat.) Get the fish’s attention by casting the line in front of him, then pull it away really fast. Pull it away as far as you possibly can without resetting the line. If the fish bites it, you INSTANTLY catch the fish.

How do I catch a Hylian Loach?

The Hylian Loach is found around the lilypads, and can only be caught when using the Sinking Lure. Link has to pinpoint the lure between the Loach and the center of the pond. Once every minute or so the Hylian Loach swims to the center of the pond, and is at that time Link’s only chance to catch it.

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How do you catch the big fish in Legend of Zelda?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Hold A to cast the line. The longer you hold it, the farther it will go.
  2. Once the lure is in the water, move the L-stick to wiggle it to attract fish.
  3. Tap A quickly once the fish is on the line to reel it in!

How big is the Hylian Loach?

The Hylian Loach typically weighs between 30 and 35 pounds. After finally catching one, Link can present it to the Pond Owner for a purple Rupee.

Why do I keep losing fish in Ocarina of Time?

While you reel in the fish always make sure that you hold the analog pad (left or right directions only) in whatever direction the fish is facing. Also when the fish is facing straight away from you and the line is coming from the left or right side, hold the analog pad in the same direction too.

How do you catch a 10 pound fish ocarina?

The general idea is to target a fish, get in a good position, cast with B, then use A + Control Stick to stop the line before it gets too far. When you get near your fish, use a combination of B and the Control Stick to wiggle your lure around. The best way is to wiggle a bit, stop, repeat.

Can you catch Hylian Loach without sinking lure?

Catching the Hyrule Loach The Hyrule Loach can either be caught with the Sinking Lure or the normal lure. The Loach can only be caught while it is in the Lily Pads or while it is swimming back to them. The Loach always ignores the lure when it is in the middle of the pond and when it is swimming up for air.

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Whats the biggest fish you can catch in Zelda?

We all know the biggest achievement in Zelda: Ocarina of Time is catching the fabled Hylian Loach fish. Since Ocarina of Time 3D has just been released for 3DS, it’s a great time to catch up on your fishing skills and hook this beast using our walkthrough. 1. As adult Link, head to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia.

How do you get the sinking lure in Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Sinking Lure can be found by simply walking in a number of places after Young Link catches a 10-pounder or Adult Link catches a 15-pounder.

Do you need the golden scale in Ocarina of Time?

The Golden Scale is an item obtained in Ocarina of Time. Unlike the Silver Scale, the Golden Scale enables Link to dive even deeper into water before needing a breath of air. Although this item is very useful, it is not necessary to complete the game.

How do you get OL baron to appear?

The fifth and final fish type, Ol ‘ Baron, will only appear after beating the sixth dungeon, Face Shrine. Head back to the Fishing Pond and make sure the glow signifying Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers are spawning is there.

How do you get a fish in a bottle in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time Fish can be scooped into a Bottle in Zora’s Domain, or alternately bought at the Medicine Shop or the Zora Shop for 200 Rupees. Bottled Fish can also be sold to the Buyer for 100 Rupees.

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How do you get the fisherman’s hat in Ocarina of Time?

After you rent a rod, stand right in front of the Fishermans hat and cast. You need to stand in the right spot, if you are one pixel off it wont work. If you did it right his hat will come clean off!

How do you get the golden scale in Ocarina of Time?

In order to get the Golden Scale you need to beat the record for the biggest fish in the Fishing Pond. When you’re a child, you should be able to catch a 10-11 lbs. fish which will give you a heart piece. When you become an adult and complete the Water Temple, the lake will refill and you can go fishing again.

How do you get the Hylian pike in Twilight Princess?

A rather big Hylian Pike can be found in Hena’s Fishing Hole during the spring in the northern cove area and where the Hylian Loach would be if it was summer. Seasons change by entering and exiting the Fishing Hole. The Hylian Pike can also be caught in a hidden hole outside the southern entrance to Castle Town.

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