FAQ: How To Fish A Wacky Rig?

FAQ: How To Fish A Wacky Rig?

How do you fish a wacky worm rig?

Fishing a wacky worm is pretty simple, you basically want to cast the bait out and let it sink to the bottom. Really let it sink to the bottom, the majority of your bites on a wacky rig are going to come on the initial cast while its sinking.

Do you need O rings for wacky rig?

O – rings, hooks and plastics make for a simple rig, but make sure you have plenty! A few O – rings, a couple wacky or Neko hooks and a few soft stickbaits or straight worms like the Yamamoto Senko and you ‘re good to go with a wacky rig. It’s a great bait to have rigged anytime you ‘re fishing shallow.

What is the best wacky worm?

As far as hooks go, I use a wacky rig hook: a short-shank, wide-gap hook with round bends. Just stick the hook point through the egg sac, or thickest portion, of the bait. The Fat Dover Crawler is the best worm I can think of for the wacky system because it has the most movement and displaces the most water.

Why are Senkos so good?

They are just perfectly weighted and work extemely well on weightless rigs. They also cast better than a lot of plastics when rigged weightless. For weighted rigs, it won’t matter nearly as much.

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What size hooks for wacky rig?

What Fishing Hooks to Use. We recommend using a 1/0 red Octopus style hook when fishing the most popular 5” size stick bait. The 1/0 hook size is perfect for securing enough worm without exposing too much of the hooks shaft.

What can you substitute for an O ring?

Liquid anaerobic surface adhesives, such as Loctite 518 provide a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to using conventional O – rings.

What can you use instead of O ring?

Alternatives to O – rings for static sealing

  • Extruded and cut seal profiles. One alternative to O – rings are extruded and cut seal profiles.
  • Rubber substitutes. O – rings are often made of rubber elastomers.
  • Flange seals.
  • Static radial seal.
  • Axial face seals.
  • Press-in-place seals.
  • Composite sealing plates.
  • Parker Hannifin.

Can you wacky rig a trick worm?

The most popular way to fish the Trick Worm is on a weightless Texas rig. When faced with lethargic bass or vertical cover, you can also wacky rig a Trick Worm with great success. Simply hook the worm in the middle and skip underneath cover with 8-pound line and a spinning reel.

What baits can you wacky rig?

Soft plastic stick baits like the BioSpawn ExoStick, Yamamoto Senko, and Savage Gear Armor Tube are by far the most common baits to be wacky rigged, and it’s no mistake why. They cast a mile, and have a subtle shimmy on the fall that can ‘t be replicated.

What is a Neko Rig?

The Neko Rig is a relatively new phenomenon in the bass community. Basically, it is a weighted version of a wacky rig with a weight inserted into just one end of the soft plastic, giving the bait a unique action as it falls and allows it to stand straight up once it hits the bottom.

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