FAQ: How To Fish Wire Through Ceiling?

FAQ: How To Fish Wire Through Ceiling?

How do you run wire through ceiling joists?

If you’re running parallel to joists, staple the wire to the inside of the joist every couple feet. The wire should be at least an inch away from the bottom edge (basically, if you ever cover it with drywall or some other ceiling, you don’t want people putting nails etc into the cable ).

How do I run a wire without attic access?

You will want to run the cable parallel to the direction of the joists. You will need to cut a square of drywall at the very top of your wall, in order to give you access to drill through the top plate of your wall. Make the opening about 12″ x 12″ to give you room to get the drill in.

How do you fish wire in the attic?

From the basement or attic, push the wire fish tape through the hole you have drilled. Have someone at the other end reach through the hole in the drywall, grab the fish tape and pull it through with about a foot sticking out of the hole. Then attach your wire to the fish tape and pull it back through.

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Can I running wire on top of ceiling joists?

There is nothing wrong with running your electric on top of joists but you really should try to do it in areas that aren’t going to be exposed to any foot traffic. If you need to go parallel then simply run them a few inches down on the side of a joist.

Can you run Romex on top of ceiling joists?

Cable run parallel to rafters or joists must be stapled at approved lengths and kept back from the edges of a joist or rafter by 1 1/4″ or nailing plates will need to protect the cable. You cannot run cable over the top of joists or fastened to the bottom of rafters.

What can I use to fish wire?

The right tool for the job is a fish tape. A fish tape is a thin, flexible steel tape, typically 1/4 to 1/2-inch wide, that comes on a large reel, similar to a surveyor’s tape measure.

How do you rewire a house without removing drywall?

How to Rewire a House without Removing Drywall

  1. Plan the Removal.
  2. Make Room.
  3. Turn Off the Circuit You’re Working On.
  4. Remove the Wiring.
  5. Feed the New Wire.
  6. Continue the Process.

Can I put junction box in attic?

Yes, junction boxes in attics, suspended ceilings and crawl spaces are legal. Basically, the rule is that ALL wire connections must be accessible. In other words, you can ‘t cut a hole in a wall or ceiling and bury a junction box by covering it with drywall, paneling, tile, or whatever.

How do you run camera wires in the attic?

First, connect the wires that came from the holes in the attic to the cameras, and use electrical tape to secure it so that it doesn’t get unplugged by accident. After finishing this, back the wire to the attic and use the power drill to mount the camera to its base.

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How do I run a wire through soffit?


  1. Remove the soffit in the place where the wires will pass through.
  2. With the drill, make a hole in the wood that you’ll use to feed wires of the camera.
  3. Make smaller holes [on the wood] for the camera’s mounting screws.
  4. Grab the fishing rod and tape the start of the camera cable to one of the ends.

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