FAQ: How To Fish Wire Through Finished Ceiling?

FAQ: How To Fish Wire Through Finished Ceiling?

How do you fish Ethernet cable through ceiling?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab a wire coathanger and untwist it, straightening it out.
  2. Tape the end of the cable that you’re threading through the hole to the coathanger.
  3. Run the cable and coathanger through the freshly drilled hole.
  4. Once the tip of the cable is poking through the ceiling end, have a friend pull it through.

How do you run wire in a vaulted ceiling?

The easiest way to run the wire is to cut a hole in the drywall at the header and another in the ceiling, drill a hole in the header then fish the wire over though the attic then slip it though the hole in the header and patch the dry wall.

Can you run Ethernet cable through ceiling?

Don’t: Run Cable in Unsafe Locations At some point, you may need to run the cable in the ceiling or wall. Make sure the cable doesn’t touch the ceiling tiles and do not run the cable over electrical conduit, water pipes, or any other pipes, as it is unsafe and may not pass inspection.

How do I run a wire for recessed lighting without attic access?

Pull 6 inches of the cable from the wall using fish tape and cut with wire cutters. Cut cable from the ceiling hole so that it’s 6 inches long. Run the electrical cable into the hole on the remodeling electrical box and put the box into the light switch up. Press it until the clamps click to secure the box.

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Is surface wiring legal?

It is important to realize that surface wiring is only an acceptable practice indoors, and poses many safety concerns when implemented outside.

What is a cathedral ceiling?

A vaulted ceiling slopes upward from both sides to form a peak. On the other hand, cathedral ceilings are defined by their symmetry: they feature two equal sloping sides that meet at a higher point in the middle and often conform to the shape of the roof.

How do you run speaker wire through walls and ceilings?

If your surround speaker is wall -mountable, then (see our note below) drill a hole in the wall so that you can duck the speaker cable in there and run it up the wall cavity. You will likely have to use a fish tape to pull the speaker cable up and through the bottom hole and out the surround speaker hole.

Can lights in cathedral ceiling?

The best solution is to avoid putting any recessed lights in cathedral ceilings. However, if you want them, use type IC “airtight” fixtures (available at lighting stores and home centers). These fixtures are sealed to stop airflow. In addition, they have gasketed edges to seal them to the drywall.

What can I use to fish wire?

The right tool for the job is a fish tape. A fish tape is a thin, flexible steel tape, typically 1/4 to 1/2-inch wide, that comes on a large reel, similar to a surveyor’s tape measure.

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