FAQ: How To Make A Disney Cruise Fish Extender?

FAQ: How To Make A Disney Cruise Fish Extender?

How do you get a fish extender on Disney Cruise?

How to sign up for a fish extender exchange. Visit the DIS Boards forum page for Disney Cruise Meets (link here) and sign up with your names and stateroom number, or search on Facebook for the date of your sailing. Depending on the size of the group, you may break up into smaller groups or just stick with one group.

How do Disney Cruise fish extenders work?

Fish extenders (also known as FEs), are hanging gift bags, usually embroidered with the names of the family members traveling together, that are hung from small metal fish, used as mailboxes to receive info and dinner invitations by the cabin stewards, located next to the cabin doors.

What is a fish extender exchange?

In a nutshell, Fish Extender exchanges are organized group gift exchanges arranged ahead of time through a Facebook or DISboards cruise page. The gifts are placed in the Fish Extender holder outside the participant’s stateroom. Fish Extenders get their name from the fish (or seahorse) outside a Disney stateroom.

Why do you decorate your door on a Disney cruise?

If you are going on a Disney Cruise Line cruise for the first time, you may not realize that many cruisers decorate their stateroom doors with Disney Cruise door magnets. It’s a fun way to celebrate your family vacation, and an easy way to spot your stateroom door.

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Can you fish on a Disney cruise?

Share a memorable catch-and-release fishing adventure with your family, boating out to an array of exotic tropical fish.

How much should I spend on a fish extender gift?

I would recommend you review the guidelines within your group to ensure that you are giving in the spirit intended for your cruise. When my family has participated in these exchanges, we have always either given cabin gifts between $20 and $30, or individual gifts for each stateroom guest around $5.

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