FAQ: How To Say Fish In Chinese?

FAQ: How To Say Fish In Chinese?

How do you say fish in Cantonese?

魚(jyu4 | yu2): fish – CantoDict.

What does YÚ mean in English?

Yú (surname 余)

Word/name the area of Fengxiang (鳳翔) to Xianyang (咸陽) in Shaanxi.
Meaning “surplus”
Other names
Cognate(s) You (由)


Does Yu mean fish in Chinese?

The Chinese word yu – 鱼 – yú ( fish in Chinese )

How do you say fried fish in Cantonese?

煎魚 (zin1 jyu2) “ fried fish ”, you also leave it on the pan for a while before you flip it or do anything with it right?

How do you say egg in Cantonese?

[leun5] ” EGG” in Cantonese (卵) – Flashcard.

What does Yee mean in Chinese?

yee. Popularity:9860. Meaning:countryside. Yee as a girl’s name is of Chinese origin. Yee means “countryside”.

Is Yu a Chinese last name?

According to Chinese legend, Yu ( Chinese: 虞; pinyin: Yú) is an ancient surname in China. The ancestors of the surname were closely linked with the ancient sage-king named Yu Shun.

Is Yu a boy or girl name?

The name Yu is a boy’s name of Chinese origin meaning “shining brightly”.

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What can fish symbolize?

Fish represents the unconscious of higher-self, feelings, and motives. It is also a metaphor for deeper awareness and the intelligence and thought process. Since water brings life, all the creatures living beneath its surface will symbolize fertility, birth, and rebirth.

What fish means?

1: any of a large group of vertebrate animals that live in water, breathe with gills, and usually have fins and scales. 2: an animal that lives in water —usually used in combination starfishshellfish. Other Words from fish.

How do you write Yu?

ゆ, in hiragana or ユ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. Both are written in two strokes and represent [ju͍]. When small and preceded by an -i kana, this kana represents not a separate sound but a modification of that of another (see yōon).

How do you pronounce Yu Mandarin?

yu is just the pure “ü” sound by itself. The “y” is added to make the syllable boundary clear, and the two dots are not written for yu. The other sounds in the same column, nü and lü, rhyme with yu. yue is simply “ü” + “eh” (similar to ye).

What is pig in Pinyin?

The Chinese word zhu – 猪 – zhū ( pig in Chinese)

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