How To Create A Profile On Plenty Of Fish?

How To Create A Profile On Plenty Of Fish?

Why can’t I create a profile on POF?

You’re not really providing enough information. Usually, the POF will alert you as to any errors you may be making during the sign up process. It could be a number of things. You haven’t used enough words on your profile.

Can you have more than one account on Plenty of Fish?

Do not create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish, unless permission has been granted by our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, do not attempt to use an account that isn’t yours. All of the information in your profile should be truthful and about you only.

Is plenty of fish full of fake profiles?

Yes it has a lot of fakes and scammers, but so do other date sites. They are not as bad as many of the others, but all of the site, even the pay ones, have this problem.

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Is plenty of fish good for hookups?

Plenty of Fish is not a hookup app. So no. Hookup apps don’t exist because women don’t use them.

How do I bypass phone verification on POF?

The Simplest Answer Is to Use Somebody Else’s Phone Number Do you have a friend, family member, or even a colleague who doesn’t mind you using their phone number to verify your account on POF? Don’t do so behind somebody’s back, of course.

Why is POF saying my number is invalid?

Receiving an Invalid Phone Number Error? Here are some reasons you may be receiving the error: Plenty of Fish requires a mobile phone that can receive text messages to verify an account. This means we don’t support landlines, internet or VoIP lines, or the use of one-off messaging services.

Why does POF not let me sign in?

Some of the common factors due to which you can ‘t login to plenty of fish account as below: Lost your username and password or entering wrong login credentials. You have reset your password recently built using the same old password. Your account has been deleted due to violation of POF rules.

Does POF track IP address?

I had to research what POF was. It appears to be a Social Networking Site similiar to Facebook. As to tracking your IP. No it is unlikely anyone can track your IP off of a Social Networking site.

Why was my plenty of fish account deleted?

In the most literal sense – if you’re using Plenty of Fish to try and scam, spam, or impersonate someone else, your account will be deleted. This goes for creating multiple accounts as well, or trying to access or use an account that isn’t yours.

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How long does POF account stay active?

Do POF messages expire? Plenty of Fish does not have a published policy about when it deletes inactive accounts. So, if you don’t delete your account or put it on hold, your account may remain active indefinitely.

How do you know if you have been blocked on Plenty of Fish?

The easiest way to determine whether you ‘ve been blocked by another user on the PlentyofFish site is realizing your inability to send him or her a message. If you are able to find the person’s profile in a search, and even view it, but can_not_ send that person a message, he or she has blocked you.

Does POF fake likes?

I use pof and they definitely send out likes from fake profiles to try to entice you to go premium. I used to have a premium account a few years ago and I had plenty of likes from fake profiles as well. I state in my profile that I cannot respond to likes so send a message.

Is plenty of fish better than tinder?

Tinder Vs POF: The Winner Tinder works on proximity and attractiveness. Tinder’s significant users are actually not looking for long-term or serious relationships. They are rather interested in casual sex. Whereas, POF facilitates you with matches based on the information that you feed to their algorithm.

Why is POF bad?

Free sites ( POF especially) tend to have really bad security, so there are a lot more scammers and fake profiles. Just having a fee to participate in the site means that the people willing to pay are a lot more interested in finding something real. It isn’t a swipe app – Apps like Tinde.

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