Often asked: Summertime Saga How To Fish?

Often asked: Summertime Saga How To Fish?

How do you fish in summertime saga?

To do fishing you need to unclock fishing rod which is in your house roof and the bait you will find in tree house.

How do you get lure in summertime saga?

The combination is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor. Use the key to unlock the chest and the golden compass is finally yours! Return to the pier and give the compass to Captain Terry. He’ll give you the golden lure, and you can now begin Aqua’s storyline.

Where is the Golden Compass in summertime saga?

Go to the beach then on the small island, dig under the cross. The code to unlock the treasure is 1-5-1-3, or after deciphering, Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor. The golden compass is yours!

How do you start aqua storyline?

Aqua’s route requires you to go on a treasure hunt, so you can get an item to unlock her path. While you can begin the treasure hunt immediately, completing it requires specific areas to be unlocked to visit. Check the Golden Compass page to find out how to get the item to unlock the Golden Lure and begin this route.

Where is the fake ID in summertime saga?

Head over to the pier to find Captain Terry, who will make you a fake ID. Tell Roxxy about this new information at school, then head to the pier and talk to the captain again. Terry will ask for an up-to-date picture and $400 for the ID.

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Where can I get magazines in the summertime?

Magazine Locations

  • Find the first stack in the teacher’s lounge on the second floor at school by talking to Miss Dewitt and having high enough intelligence to answer her question.
  • The second you can get at the basketball courts but you’ll need to have the dexterity to slip away from Dexter.

What is dexterity in summertime saga?

How to Gain Dexterity. You can improve your dexterity by playing a mini-game at the gym by selecting the old man and the punching bag – but first you will need to complete a request for him. Once you’ve unlocked the mini-game press the keys in the correct order to complete the mini-game and level up.

How do you unlock June in summertime saga?

June goes to your school and usually hangs out in the computer room on the second floor. During Mrs Johnson’s Storyline, you can choose to get June to date Erik or you can woo her yourself.

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