Question: How To Draw Clown Fish?

Question: How To Draw Clown Fish?

How do you draw a beautiful clownfish?


  1. Start the fish body.
  2. Finish with the tail.
  3. Draw the fish face.
  4. Add the wavy center stripe.
  5. Add stripes to the tail.
  6. Draw the fins in between the stripes.
  7. Add the side fin.
  8. Add bubbles to the background.

How do you make clownfish?

Clownfish are external breeders, meaning that the female fish lays eggs and then the male fish fertilizes them after they have been laid. To make this happen you will need to get a pair of clownfish that are already bonded, in other words mated to each other.

How do you draw a creepy clown?

Step by Step Instructions for Drawing a ​​ Scary Clown

  1. Begin by drawing a circle.
  2. Above the circle, draw two sets of curved lines to outline the brow.
  3. To draw the mouth, begin with a long, curved line beneath the nose.
  4. Outline the mouth, drawing new lines parallel to those previously drawn.

Is clownfish a bony fish?

The species Amphiprion ocellaris belongs to the class Actinopterygii which contains bony Teleost fish and other ray-finned fish.

How do you draw a clown face?


  1. Draw the circle nose.
  2. Add the two attached eyes.
  3. Draw the head around the eyes.
  4. Add the mouth.
  5. Draw the neck, bow, shoulders.
  6. Add ears and curly hair.
  7. Draw the hat on the head.
  8. Erase the gray lines and add spots.
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Do clownfish eat their babies?

The parents take no part in the rearing of the young. They will protect their eggs but once the eggs hatch, the babies are on their own. The fry can get eaten by other fish, swept away or even eaten by their own parents!

How do you tell if clownfish are mating?

Observe the behavior of the tank mates. Ordinarily, the female of the mated pair will assert dominance and attack the male, nipping at his fins. This is a sign of sexual maturity. If the male submits to the female, both become ready to breed, although no acts of breeding may be witnessed.

How do clown fish sleep?

Like humans and other kinds of fish, clownfish do sleep. The typical behavior they present is lying motionlessly at the bottom or inside anemones. The ideal time for them to do so is at night.

What color is a clownfish?

Description. The clownfish can be many different colours, depending on its species, including yellow, orange, red, and black. Most have white details.

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