Readers ask: How To Fish Speckled Trout?

Readers ask: How To Fish Speckled Trout?

What is the best bait to use to catch speckled trout?

Live bait like live shrimp, pinfish or greenbacks works exceptionally well with speckled trout. Still, the great thing about these fish is that they are very willing to strike an artificial lure as well. Consider fly fishing. It can also be a popular and productive approach in targeting speckled trout.

What is the best time to catch speckled trout?

The months of May, June, and July, are by far the best time to catch specks. Speckled trout start moving into our estuaries in April and the summer months provide non-stop action.

What colors do speckled trout like?

On bright days in dirty water, we suggest the use of chartreuse or fire tiger and pink or white lures. There are always rule breakers and several colors work very well in multiple conditions. Kelley Wiggler’s Ball Tail Shad in plum chartreuse works well in any water conditions.

What size hook should I use for speckled trout?

A 1/0 hook is the best size for catching speckled trout. That hook size is perfect for hooking a live shrimp or a small white bait like a threadfin herring, scaled sardine or a pin fish without affecting their swimming abilities too much.

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What do you catch speckled trout with?

Speckled Trout Lures A number of soft plastics work well for Speckled Trout. These are often fished on a lead jig head and bounced off of the bottom relatively quickly. Gulp Shrimp work particularly well, as do a number of other shrimp imitations and some paddle tail lures that imitate mullet or other baitfish.

Will speckled trout eat dead shrimp?

Although cold weather bottom feeders like black drum, sheepshead, flounder and redfish are quick to suck in a dead shrimp, at times a deep-dwelling speckled trout will eat a dead shrimp dangled in front of its nose. It will fool specks, reds, whiting, flounder and pompano.

Are speckled trout bottom feeders?

The all-tackle world-record fish—caught in 1995 near Fort Pierce, Florida—weighed in at an astonishing 17 pounds 7 ounces. Although seatrout are actually bottom dwellers, they will attack surface flies in shallow water at dawn, but the hookup ratio tends to be pretty low with that method.

Can you catch speckled trout at night?

Most fish do their best work at night, particularly under a full moon, so big opportunities await after-hours anglers. Throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Mid-Atlantic, speckled trout are one of the top nighttime targets.

What water temp do speckled trout like?

If the water temperature is in the 50 degree range, speckled trout will be in the area. Speckled trout are usually caught in waters less than 5 feet deep. Anglers targeting structure in shallow- water areas catch the most fish.

What color lure is best for trout?

The best lure colors for trout are: white, gold, brown, green, black, silver, pink, orange, yellow and red. As well as any other pattern or color that best matches the trout’s forage.

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Are trout attracted to salt?

Trout, bass, catfish, and panfish seem to respond well to the taste of salt when they bite down. I would say that fish do like the taste of salt on baits. There are a lot of soft plastics targeted to trout, bass, and panfish that are either infused with salt or covered in it.

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