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(Taken from their online newsletter)

Bayview Lodge, Minaki, Ontario

Before hitting the road last year to fish and film, I spent plenty of time studying up the locations I intended to visit. Bryan and Kathleen Rheault’s.

Bayview Lodge (www.mnaki-bayviewlodge.com or 1-800-844-7907) is without a doubt one of Canada’s true fish factories. Walleye, bass, pike and musky are anywhere and everywhere you want to drop a jig, cast a spoon or troll a crankbait. They don’t talk just limits of fish here. They talk of catching walleye by the hundreds. If it’s musky fishing you crave, Bryan Rheault is the man to take you to the monsters. By monsters, I’m referring to lunge that have long past the 50 inch mark.

The Winnipeg Lakes and river system is chocked full of structure in the form of islands, points and shoals. No matter which way the wind blows you’ll find calm water and that same structure makes for great fish attractors. 

Minaki is a remote wilderness region, that offers some of the finest scenery in the country. The Winnipeg River and its numerous lakes in the chain are where the giants live. At Baview Lodge it’s not just the phenomenal sport fishing, but the solitude, pristine waters, great accommodations and scrumptious meals. 

Bayview Lodge offers the finest Canadian fishing experience found anywhere in our north country.

Now, here’s something very important to remember. During our three day stopover at Baview Lodge we had an abnormal number of cold fronts enter the region. In fact, it rained torrents and roared thunder and flashed lightning throughout our stay. On any other water system I have visited in the past, the fish would have headed for cover and the fishing and filming would have been a total bust. Not at Minaki and not at Bayview Lodge. Even with the storms the walleye and musky continued to bite down on the baits as fast as we could get them over the side..

Bayview and Minaki, Ontario is approximately a seven hour drive northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario and only a few hours drive east of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Baview Lodge, Minaki, Ontario, you just have to love it!