FAQ: How To Use Rapala Jigging Rap Ice Fishing?

FAQ: How To Use Rapala Jigging Rap Ice Fishing?

Do you put bait on a jigging rap?

This causes uneven weight distribution and therefore affects its action as it falls throughout the column. In my opinion, the Jigging Rap action works best without bait on either end.

How does a jigging rap work?

Fishing Jigging Raps During The Winter When vertical jigging 30 to 50 feet deep, the guides use a 3/4-ounce jigging rap in chrome-and-blue or white colors. They impart action to the lure by quickly raising their rods 2 to 3 feet high and then slowly dropping it.

Do you put a minnow on a jigging rap?

I use a jigging rap all the time with the minnow head or euro. I use for perch and eyes. Better luck when tipped used without before but prefer tipped. I personally tip the treble of a jigging rap with meat and don’t tip rippin’ or slab raps.

How long is a number 5 jigging rap?

Additional Information

Model Number W2
Body Length 1-1/2″ (W3)
Weight 3/16 oz.
Treble Hook One No. 12
Model Number W5


Should I use a swivel with a jigging rap?

For sure with a Jigging rap, you want to have a swivel somewhere in your line. You also want stiff line for the last two feet or so of line to prevent the lure from fouling the line. Tie a small swivel on the end of the line and then tie on at least 2 feet of 10 lb mono or floro equivalent.

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Can you cast a jigging rap?

One of the best ways to fish a Jigging Rap is to locate fish with your electronics and systemically work the area. Given the needle-sharpness of the Jigging Rap’s hooks, a firm pull is all you need. Casting. Besides fishing vertically or on a slow troll, casting can also be effective.

How do you use jigging?

How to Jig in Simple Steps

  1. Cast out and let your jig hook sink to the bottom and count a few seconds or wait until you feel the spoon hit the bottom.
  2. Snap or pop your wrist and rod tip up quickly a short distance and let the lure drop back to the bottom.
  3. You can jig up and down, side to side or up and down and sideways.

How do you fish with a Swedish Pimple?

To use a Swedish Pimple for ice fishing, drop your fishing line with the Swedish Pimple attached into the hole in the ice, and lower the line slowly further into the water. Let it rest for a few seconds. Then, “jig” the line several times by making a snapping motion with your wrist. Wait a while.

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