How To Catch A Swordfish In Cat Goes Fishing?

How To Catch A Swordfish In Cat Goes Fishing?

What do Swordfish eat in cat goes fishing?


  • Rockets (optional but recommended if you don’t have a boat)
  • Bombs (optional, as you could use Crankbait instead, however it’s still possible with none)
  • Patience (required as finding a Puff might take some time)
  • Small/medium bait (Only if you have Bait Guard on your fishing rod)

Are swordfish hard to catch?

The Broadbill Sword is rare, which makes it very hard to find. Those who manage to find the swordfish have a difficult time hooking it. Most anglers lose the fish if they do manage to hook it because it usually manages to escape pretty quickly.

What is the hardest fish to catch in Cat goes fishing?

The Cave Shark is one of the hardest fish to catch in Cat Goes Fishing, if not the hardest by some.

How do you get a Swisher cat to go fishing?

It can be caught with a small or medium bait. It is worth $9,000 and can be thrown back in the water for a medium bait. The description reads: ”Lives on the ocean floor just past the coral basin.

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How do you swim in cat goes fishing?


  1. When unlocked, press ‘Q’ to swim.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl’ to grab a fish. ( Currently the only thing this does is let you hold onto a fish to see the swimming pattern)
  3. To move around use the arrow keys.
  4. To return to the boat, swim to the boat and press ‘Q’ again.

How much does cat fishing cost?

Perfect for a casual fishing game. probably one of the most fun games on the market, and for a great price of $7.79, this game is a snag of a deal, i recommend that you invest all of your free time in this game to play because it takes a lot of time out there fishin, so get out there and give it your all!

How do you catch the dragon in cat goes fishing?

Cat Goes Fishing – How to Catch New Dragon

  1. Step 1: Sonar. Turn it off.
  2. Step 2: What You Will Need. Fishing rod (better be strong and have a sinker)
  3. Step 3: Mamo and Her Egg. You will need to locate Mamo’s cave.
  4. Step 4: Luring Dragon to Mamo. Why we doing this?
  5. Step 5: After Getting an Egg. After getting an egg you should get out of the cave as fast as it possible.

Can a swordfish kill a shark?

Swordfish are known to attack sharks, with the first documented incident dating back to 1960, but since 2016 – when a blue shark was found washed up and dying on a beach in Valencia, Spain, with a swordfish sword embedded in its head – there have been at least six more cases of death by swordfish recorded in sharks

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What is the best lure for swordfish?

1. Bait. Most fishermen use squid on the ends of their lines when pursuing swordfish. But Walker, frustrated with how easily squid tears, has developed his own method for rigging up a swordfish lure.

How deep do you fish for swordfish?

Here – usually at depths of 1,000–1,500 ft – you will find a mass of plankton, squid, and baitfish. During the night, these baitfish come closer to the surface to feed. Come day, they start to move deeper down. This is why you can catch Swordfish at depths of just 300 ft during the night.

What button do you press to swim in cat goes fishing?

While swimming you can use ‘CTRL’ to grab hold of fish Medium sized or higher. You are not able to grab hold of Small Fish. You are able to use the mouse to control the fishing rod while swimming if you cast in before entering Swimming mode and as such hook and reel fish. Cat Goes Fishing.

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What is the biggest fish in cat goes fishing?

The Maw is arguably the biggest fish in Cat Goes Fishing. The massive Maw lurks in the dark depth,feeding on the bulbfish,that thrive there.

How do you catch a pink kisser cat goes fishing?

Pink kissers will go after medium sized bait, and can be eaten by any fish higher then small. In game description: “The Pink Kisser’s large lips are easy to hook. These fish live among the coral reef with other small tropical fishes.”

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