Quick Answer: How To Use Lead Core Fishing Line?

Quick Answer: How To Use Lead Core Fishing Line?

How do you determine depth with lead core line?

The rule of thumb with leadcore is 5 feet of depth is gained for every color (10 yards) of line at about 2 mph. To get down that extra 21 feet, you need about four colors of line. Forty yards is 120 feet on the line counter reel. Less line out is required when using advanced leadcore.

How deep can you fish with lead core line?

Just how deep your lead core line will run will depend upon your speed. The slower the speed, the deeper the lines will run. At normal walleye trolling speeds, you can figure about 6 feet of depth for each color. With segmented lines, let out more mono backing to run deeper.

Can you put lead core line on a spinning reel?

You can ‘t twist leadcore and have it work. To start out, get a Penn P209 reel. They cost about $55-60.00. They have a good drag for an expensive reel.

Can you cast lead core fishing line?

Leadcore is best spooled on an oversized bait- casting reel using Dacron backing – the same stuff as fly- fishing line backing. Leadcore is very visible in the water, which can be a problem when you ‘re fishing clear water or nearly clear water.

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How long of a leader do you use with lead core line?

Leader length can vary. I would normally start out with a 50- to 75-foot leader of 20-pound test and cut it back each day checking for frays and abrasion. Once the leader gets down to 15 or 20 feet, replace it. Connecting lead – core line to backing and to leaders can be a little tricky.

How far down does lead core line go?

Standard leadcore dives on average 5-feet per color, with the Advanced leadcore diving to 7-feet per color. The result is more depth per less units of line, but either way, consider putting on a full- core.

What is lead core in fishing?

Leadcore is as its name hints a woven membrane outer and a lead wire inner. Its main uses are to aid sinking the main line and pinning the last couple of metres of the rig end to the bottom. It is also stiff due to the inner core wire and has a good abrasion resistance.

What is lead core line used for?

The main idea behind using lead core line is to let the line itself sink, enabling whatever lure you are trolling with to reach a deeper depth than it could dive on its own using monofilament or braided lines.

What is a leader line?

A leader is a length of line attached on one end to the eye of a lure or hook, and the other end is attached to the main line on a reel. The two lines are usually connected by tying the two pieces together with a knot or tying each line to the separate ends of a swivel.

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