Readers ask: What Is Chunking Fishing?

Readers ask: What Is Chunking Fishing?

What is Chunk bait?

Chunking is one of the most effective ways to connect with big stripers and blues in the fall surf. Buy some bait, usually bunker, slice it into chunks to fit onto the hook, and cast it out in hopes that a trophy striper or blue will come along and make a quick snack of it.

How do you use chunk bait?

Hook your chunk bait through the top, leaving the point exposed. Generally, the best times to chunk are the first and last two hours on either side of the tide change.

What is chunking for tuna?

Chunking is taking dead bait, cutting it up and releasing a slow and steady stream of chum. You don’t want to overfeed, but have enough to get the tuna to come up to your chum slick. Be sure your hook baits are larger sized so other fish won’t take it.

Do you anchor when chunking for tuna?

Chunking can be done at anchor, or on the drift. At anchor is usually more effective, but when the wind and current conspire to push your baits up against your anchor line, drifting is mandatory.

Is frozen bunker good bait?

Keep It Fresh Melting ice will wash away the slime and oils that make bunker such an attractive bait to big stripers. Ice is essential for keeping your bunker sushi-fresh, but keep the baits from directly touching the ice.

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Why do tuna fishermen use rubber bands?

Rubber Bands are a must have on all fishing boats. These Rubber Bands are commonly used to attach your fishing lines as a tag line to your boats transom and outriggers. Gives better action and hookups when trolling Spreader Bars or other Lures for Tuna and Marlin.

What hooks for tuna chunking?

Tuna Chunking Hooks Many anglers use 4x strong ringed live bait hooks for chunking. However, we also recommend using 2x or 3x circle hooks for several reasons: These hooks have a smaller visible profile the ā€œJā€ hooks of the same rating (great for line-shy fish)

What is a fish finder rig?

The Fish Finder Rig is a popular surf fishing rig used to find where the fish are congregating. It’s similar to the Carolina Rig, but rather than a sliding egg sinker, it typically is used with a pyramid weight to keep the rig in one area.

What kind of fish is Bunker?

Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus), also locally known as bunker, moss bunker, pogy or fatback, are schooling fish related to herring, shad, and sardines. Menhaden or bunker are an important food source for many coastal animals.

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