Readers ask: When Does Fishing Season End In Quebec?

Readers ask: When Does Fishing Season End In Quebec?

Is fishing season open in Quebec?

Rainbow smelt: You may fish for rainbow smelt at night using authorized fishing gear, from December 1st, 2019 to April 23, 2020, from December 1st, 2020 to April 22, 2021 and from December 1st, 2021 to April 21, 2022 in a portion of a salmon river in which rainbow smelt fishing is authorized.

Is fishing allowed in Quebec?

In no case may you exceed the highest catch limit established in Québec for a given species. Example: The daily catch limit for a given species in a particular zone is 15 fish. The possession limit for that species, at that site, is therefore also 15 fish.

Can you fish without a license in Quebec?

All residents and non-residents must obtain a sport fishing license to practice this activity in Quebec. The spouse and children under age 18 of a holder of a fishing license for species other than salmon or monkfish may fish without having their own license.

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What fishing zone is Quebec?

Zone 8 | Sport fishing in Québec – fishing periods, limits and exceptions.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Quebec?

The permit entitles residents to fish nearly anywhere in Quebec according to certain conditions and time periods. Individuals fishing without a permit can be fined up to $100,000 and have equipment seized, including their boat.

Can you ice fish in Quebec?

Ice fishing, fishing under the ice, or pêche blanche as it’s known here You can go ice fishing on practically any Québec lake. Parks, wildlife reserves and outfitters are prized sites.

Can you use an Ontario fishing license in Quebec?

You can fish either side with an Ontario license but you must abide by the regs of the province you are in. Also Quebec does not have the equivalent of the Ontario conservation license so it is not recognized. If you get caught with one you will be charged.

What is the most popular fish in Canada?

The most popular variety of fish among Canadians is salmon, with two thirds of consumers eating salmon at home in the past six months.

Where can I fish trout in Quebec?


  • Broadback River.
  • Grand Lac Froid.
  • Lac Albanel.
  • Lac du Club.
  • Lac Manitou.
  • Lac Mistassini.
  • Lac Montjoie (Papineau area)
  • Lac Perdu.

Do you need a fishing license for catch and release in Quebec?

To fish in Québec’s waters, you must have a valid fishing licence (with some exceptions). You must carry the licence with you when you fish, and be able to show it immediately when asked to do so by a wildlife protection officer or assistant.

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Can I fish any river?

You will, of course, need an Environment Agency fishing licence to fish on any river, stillwater or canal(if in doubt, see our fishing licence blog post for more on this topic). A fishing licence doesn’t mean that you can then just turn up and go fishing, though.

Can I get a fishing license at Canadian Tire?

If you already have the Outdoors card, getting a licence is a matter of visiting an authorized issuer or applying online and printing it yourself. Manitoba: Licences are available at many tackle shops, convenience stores and big box stores (Cabela’s, Walmart, Canadian Tire ).

Can you fish in Gatineau Park?

Is there any places to fish from shore – Gatineau Park. You can fish in any lake in the Park, with the exception of Pink Lake, Harrington Lake (Lac Mousseau) and Édouard Lake. Don’t forget your Quebec fishing permit! Sorry, I don’t do fishing.

What zone is Lake Nipissing?

Lake Nipissing is located in Northeastern Ontario’s Fisheries Management Zone 11.

What fishing zone is Mont Tremblant?

Zone 15 | Sport fishing in Québec – fishing periods, limits and exceptions.

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