Readers ask: Where To Go Fishing In Hamilton Ontario?

Readers ask: Where To Go Fishing In Hamilton Ontario?

Where can I fish in Hamilton Ontario?

Do you know any shore fishing spots near hamilton

  • La Salle pier (Waterdown Rd., North)
  • Pier 4 (downtown Hamilton )
  • Hamilton Pier (under Hamilton Skyway bridge)
  • walkway from Hamilton to DeJardines Canal (below Hwy. #403)

Is fishing allowed in Hamilton?

Fishing in Hamilton. Provincial fishing regulation is in effect and a fishing license is required for anglers 18-64 years of age. HCA had boat rentals available at Christie Lake and Valens Lake. No gas powered motors permitted on the lakes.

Can I fish at Bayfront Park?

This place is a great inner city fishing spot. Never eat what you catch tho. From Perch, Bass, lots of sun fish and gobies. Catfish, steelhead.

Where can I shore fish in Ontario?

5 Recommended Places To Access Ontario’s Shore Fishing

  • Bewdley Ontario, Rice Lake. Rice Lake is in South-Central Ontario.
  • Niagara Whirlpool, Niagara River. This is by far our most scenic pick of shoreline fishing spots on this list.
  • Thames River, London.
  • Saugeen River, Bruce County.
  • St Mary’s River Rapids, Sault Ste Marie.

How do I get a fishing license in Ontario?

You must buy an Outdoors Card before you can buy a fishing licence. However, you can buy a one-day sport fishing licence without an Outdoors Card. When you buy or renew your Outdoors Card, you will get a plastic card mailed to you. This will have your fishing licence printed on the back.

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Can you fish at fifty point?

Fifty Point is particularly proud to have one of the warmest and cleanest beaches on western Lake Ontario. Anglers will love the variety of fishing opportunities at Fifty Point. Fish for salmon in Lake Ontario or catch rainbow trout and largemouth bass in the conservation area’s stocked pond.

What fishing zone is Niagara Falls Ontario?

FMZ 20: includes the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario, the Bay of Quinte, the Niagara River below Niagara Falls, Hamilton Harbour and the St. Lawrence River.

What fishing zone is Hamilton?

Hamilton Harbour is in Zone 20. The Niagara River downstream of the falls is in Zone 20.

When can you fish in Lake Ontario?

The best time to fish Lake Ontario for trout and salmon, a mixed bag if you will, is during the month of July. At this time of the year one could fish for offshore king salmon or near shore brown trout depending on the weather or preference.

Can you fish at night 2020 Ontario?

“In Ontario, it’s illegal to use artificial light to attract fish except when fishing for certain species with a dip net, or you can use lights if it’s part of a lure; it’s attached to a line,” he said. “It’s prohibited because many species are attracted to the light.

Where can I catch big fish in Ontario?

Top 5 BIG fishing holes of Northeastern Ontario

  1. Lake Nipissing.
  2. French River.
  3. Lake Temagami.
  4. Lake Temiskaming.
  5. Mattawa River. The Mattawa River runs from North Bay to the Town of Mattawa along the Quebec border, and is a good spot for boaters and paddlers alike.
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What fish are in season in Ontario?

Ontario Fishing Regulations – Zone 5

Species Open Season Sport Licence
Walleye (or Sauger) Jan. 1-April 14; May 16-Dec 31 2 Per Day 4 Possession
Northern Pike All Year 4 Per Day 4 Possession
Smallmouth Bass (or Largemouth) Jan 1- June 30 Catch & Release
July 1-Nov 30 4 Per Day 4 Possession

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