What Bait To Use For Pike Ice Fishing?

What Bait To Use For Pike Ice Fishing?

What do you use for pike ice fishing?

Northern pike can be taken by anglers ice fishing with both artificial lures and live and frozen bait. Since pike generally prefer a larger meal, bigger baits such as jigs, spoons, and jigging plugs are the best choice for anglers who prefer to fish with artificial lures.

What is the best ice fishing lure for pike?

The best ice fishing lures for pike in 2020 reviewed

Lure Recommended size
Guideline Fire Tiger 3.5″/1 oz
Rapala Jigging Rap 3.5″/0.9 oz
Rapala Slab Rap 2.4″/0.35 oz
Duo Realis Apex Vibe 100 4″/ 1.1 oz


What is the best bait for northern pike ice fishing?

Some of the best dead baits are smelt, alewives, small whitefish, chubs, and the always popular sucker. The easiest dead baits to find are suckers that are readily available at most bait shops. Generally, suckers are sold alive, but some shops offer dead and frozen sucker minnows especially for pike fishing.

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What bait is used for ice fishing?

For ice fishing live bait, try wax worms (bee moth larva), maggots, spikes (fly larvae), wigglers (mayfly larvae) or minnows. You can drop your bait and leave it alone, or you can slowly jig to attract the fish. Ice fishing jigging also works with artificial ice fishing bait.

Where can I fish for pike in the winter?

Weeds and rock in combination with sand transitions in shallow water draw pike shallow during portions of the winter season. But when pike drop deep, as they often do during midwinter, rock-rubble drop-off edges and especially deep rock humps near shallow cover usually are where they hold.

How do you attract pike ice fishing?

Some fishermen will jig for pike using heavier duty jigging rods. Using lures such a the Lindy Darter or Frostee Spoon and jigging off the bottom can prove productive by attracting big pike to the area. Don’t forego the opportunity to target the schools of baitfish like perch and crappie while waiting for pike to bite.

How do you attract fish while ice fishing?

Other ways to attract fish while ice fishing

  1. Switch from a vertical jig to a horizontal one. Sometimes all you need is a little variety in your lures.
  2. Twist your line. Most ice anglers move their line up and down.
  3. Cover the hole. Another trick to attracting fish is to cover your fishing hole with ice shavings.

How do you tip up fish for northern pike?

Pike anglers typically use several tip -ups, rather than fishing rods, to suspend multiple baits just above the weed tops, or alongside the deep edge of the weeds. Tip -ups are basically wooden or plastic boards that lie across the top of your holes, angling baited lines below, much like setting a trapline.

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Do pike eat worms?

What Fish Will Bite Worms? Just about all freshwater gamefish and baitfish alike, at least in North America, will eat a worm. Some species are much more likely to eat a worm than others. For example, pike, muskies, chain pickerel, adult largemouth bass, and carp are not terribly interested in biting worms.

How do you attract fish to bait?

Any light under the water, no matter what the color, will attract fish. When lights are placed under the water, they reflect off particles in the water. These tiny little particles enhance a natural food source for bait fish. These bait fish are then attracted to the light.

Do I need special line for ice fishing?

No doubt, for maximum ice – fishing success, you need a line that can combat the ice – fishing challenges. Trilene Cold Weather and Trilene Micro Ice lines were developed with ice anglers in mind. Cold Weather line is blue, so it shows up well against the snow, while Micro Ice is clear, making it invisible below the water.

What size lures for ice fishing?

Small hooks in the size #8 to #14 range will serve well with small delicate baits like mousies and waxies. For minnows, start with hooks of size #4 and #2, adjusting with larger or smaller hooks to match the size of minnows you are using. Downsized jigs will be the lures of choice for the majority of your ice fishing.

Is 3 inches of ice safe to walk on?

Ice is not considered safe to walk on until it is at least 4 inches thick. At 4” the ice is suitable for ice fishing, cross-country skiing and walking and can support about 200 pounds. At 8-12 inches the ice should be suitable for a small car or a larger group of people.

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