Welcome to our Muskie fishing paradise! We are fortunate to have Muskie in our waters, not many fisheries do have them. We think they migrated to our fishery from the world famous Lake Of The Woods Musky fishery to the south and stayed here because we have the right habitat. Muskie are the game fish of choice for seasoned fishermen who seek the thrill of catching these wiley super predators.

While you can catch Muskie just about anywhere, you may have more success at catching a large Musky if you fish with larger seven to twelve inch baits and troll the deeper holes and lake bottoms. Some veteran Muskie fishermen like to fish for them in the cooler, blowing and rainy weather that comes late in the summer season and early fall but we have had most of our success on more pleasant days. If the truth be told, we have caught so many Muskie on good days we didn't try as hard or as often in cooler, blustery Musky fishing weather.

​Muskie inhabit both deep and shallow waters. They seek protection and solitude in deep holes and forage in both the deep and in the shallow waters so you can catch them almost anywhere at any time. They will often cruise the rivers channels is search of prey. However, catching Muskie is mainly a hit and miss proposition in shallow waters. If you are fishing with larger Musky baits in shallow waters, you are likely to catch five trophy Northern Pike for every Musky you catch. A more focused approach can be realized by fishing trophy Muskie in deeper waters.

Few savvy Muskie fishermen know of or visit our productive Muskie fishery located only thirty miles to the north and its never had much press, if any and has generally been overlooked. Our Muskie fishery has had little pressure in comparison to the famous Muskie fisheries. As a consequence, we believe that Muskie fishermen can catch more Muskie at Bayview Lodge than at any other fishery in North America!

​While our fishery is very large, at forty five miles in length, on a map it looks like any other northern region of numerous small lakes. What is not readily apparent is that the lakes in our Muskie fishery are connected! Its really one giant body of water. It's a super Muskie fishery where it's size is obscured by islands, bays, lakes and meandering rivers. As well, the depth of some of the waters of our fishery is obscured by the waters themselves. Who could know by looking at a map that we have Muskie waters that stretches for almost fifty miles and to depths of two hundred feet?

We have spent over twenty years become expert at fishing for and catching Muskie at Bayview Lodge as our photos will show. Welcome to our little known Muskie fishing paradise, one of the few great Muskie fisheries in the world.

Pike, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Crappie

Bayview Lodge will provide you with a great variety of fishing including Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, and Crappie. Our system of lakes and rivers is relatively unknown and has not experienced undue fishing pressure. Because of this, the fishing is spectacular.

Lake Trout inhabit the colder, deeper waters. Depths of our waters reach 200 feet and provide us with excellent Lake Trout Fishing either by jigging or using down riggers or simple old fashioned deep trolling with weighted lines. Early spring Lake Trout fishing is fantastic. Any time from May 1st to about the end of May you can catch Lake Trout near the surface casting with shallow divers or jigs with twister tails. During June, July and August, we use heavier jigs with minnows and Drift Fish or Troll at a depth of 40 to 60 feet of water. In September we go back to casting when the trout come back up as the surface temperature cools.